Ed Tristram, MCI Guru

Ed Tristram

Ed Tristram has worked closely with NYC contractors and building owners for over 25 years, providing a level of comfort that Major Capital Improvement rent increases with be available. Whereas the average rate of approval for MCI  rent increases is around 30%, Ed’s expertise gained through years handling hundreds of MCI’s puts the firm’s success rate at 97%.  A licensed NYS real estate broker for decades, Ed has worked on hundreds of J-51 tax abatement projects, and is now branching out to include multi-family unit mortgages and the like. Ed enjoys communicating directly with the owners and managers so that they can see the financial benefits that will come if they do capital work.

In his spare time, Ed plays a little guitar.


Steve Monosson, MCI Consultant

Steve Monosson

Steve Monosson has been in marketing and design for over two decades. Before that he worked in the family window business, where he worked with Ed Tristram on a number of J-51 projects. Now working with Ed, Steve seeks to combine the two careers in helping E.T.A. grow in new as well in established areas of business. Steve also set up and monitors the firm’s Facebook page.

When not furthering ETA’s world domination, Steve does a little stand-up comedy and photography when he gets the chance.