Ed Tristram Associates

Founded in 1986, Ed Tristram Associates, Inc. provides services to owners and managers of apartment buildings in the NYC metro area. One specialty has been providing funding and arranging benefits associated with programs of Major Capital Improvements in apartment buildings.

Unique in the industry, Ed Tristram Associates¬†works closely with contractors, helping them make sales by giving building owners and managers a level of comfort that Major Capital Improvement rent increases with be available. We have materials to support contractors’ proposals and we often are asked to communicate directly with the owners and managers so that they can see the financial benefits that will come if they do capital work.

We have been New York State licensed Real Estate Brokers for over twenty years, arranging funding for property acquisition, refinancing, and capital improvements. Also, we have arranged many hundreds of related subsidies and benefits: MCI rent increases, J-51 tax abatements, and the former New York State energy loan subsidies.